Rancourt Winery

Unique Property, Distinct Wines

Rancourt has always focused on producing small quantities of high-quality wine from classic grapes. Its 25 acre vineyard in the heart of the Niagara Lakeshore sub-appellation produces outstanding grapes for merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, riesling and chardonnay.

These grapes are primarily influenced by the unique soils and temperatures found in this area. Deltaic sands and silts, along with the long growing season, contribute to flavour development in the grapes and mature, full-bodied wines produced by Rancourt.

New winemaker, Eric Pearson, strives to use the Rancourt vineyard’s unique traits to develop high quality wines that showcase the vineyard’s personality.

Eric Pearson Rancourt WinemakerMeet Eric Pearson, Rancourt’s resident winemaker.

Eric Pearson has always wanted to be a winemaker. He lovingly recalls growing up surrounded by vineyards and helping his Nonno – from the tender age of 5 –make wine. He was never deterred from his dream, even when classmates laughed after he declared, “I want to be a winemaker” in grade school.

To get his career kick started, Mr. Pearson pursued a degree in Biochemistry at Brock University, focusing his studies on oenology and viticulture. Since graduating, he has quickly risen to prominence as one of the most renowned winemakers in the Niagara region. In fact, he has earned more than half a dozen awards in the last five years.

Now Mr. Pearson takes the helm at Rancourt Winery, where he hopes to bring his unique perspective into every facet of the winemaking process, from growing the grapes to crafting the fruit of the vine into world-class wine.

“Winemaking is part science, art, and passion,” he says. “I embrace it with commitment, dedication, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.”